Adventure Castle Inflatable Playground 17x11x8m

Adventure Castle Inflatable Playground 17x11x8m
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  • Stock Code: 90310
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Product Code : 90310

     Width : 11m
     Length : 17m
     Height : 8m
     Engine : 4 pcs 1500w

Adventure Castle Inflatable Playground 17 x 11 x 8 meter
There are climbing, giant slides, tunnels, play houses and inflatable cartoon characters in it. The inflatable playground has a capacity of 55 children.
Cartoons Inflatable Playground is easy to install and easy to assemble. It is possible to make a special dimension for the product. 
Our inflatable bounces made with BALORAMA quality and assurance give your children maximum safety and incredible moments. The choice of BALORAMA assures you in the long term.
It is your constant supplier in inflatable playgrounds, inflatable playgrounds, playgrounds and playground production.

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